Sailing the summers sweetly

Did you know that diabetic people feel the summer heat more than others? Be it the ones suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, a rise in the mercury always calls for sugar patients to take extra precautions.

Why do diabetic people feel hotter?

Diabetic people feel hotter because they get dehydrated more quickly. If you do not drink water or replenish the fluids of your body, it can increase the level of blood sugar, and high blood sugar will make you urinate more, which in turn further dehydrates your body.

Sometimes due to a few complications of diabetes, like damage caused to your blood vessels and nerves, your sweat glands of your body also bear the brunt. As a result, your body won’t be able to cool itself down easily.

Shooting temperatures also changes the way your body uses insulin, causing diabetic people to feel more hot.

Cool it down

The diabetic unit of PEOPLE TREE Hospitals has formulated a few tips for diabetic patients to ace summer like a pro.

  • Stay connected to H2O : While all of us should remain hydrated in this summer heat, it is extremely critical that every diabetic patient should drink plenty of water, especially if they engaging in any kind of physical activity. So stay connected to H2O, even if you are not thirsty.
  • Stay checked. Stay cool : Check your blood sugar level frequently, as it tends to fluctuate in the summers. Monitor your blood sugar especially before, during, and after you’re physically active.
  • Insulin adjustments may be called for : Depending on your insulin level, you may need to alter the amount of insulin you use. Consult your physician to know the new adjustments.
  • Say no to alcohol and caffeine : Refrain from having alcoholic drinks and other beverages with caffeine, and even energy drinks can lead to water loss and your blood sugar levels may rise sharply.
  • Seek the shade : Try keeping indoors and carry umbrellas to avoid the scorching sunrays. Sunburns can heat up your body and can raise blood sugar levels.
  • Go for a breezy fashion : Stack up your summer wardrobe with light-coloured, loose-fitting, and lightweight clothing.