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Dr. Satish Ramaiah
Book appointment with Dr. Satish Ramaiah ,Neuropsychiatrist,Sleeping Disorder Specialist,Psychiatrist

MBBS, MRCPsych (UK), CCT (UK), DHE (Leeds University, UK), Certificate in Sleep Medicine (Edinburgh University, UK), FIPS

Key Skills:
Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Deaddiction, Sleep Disorders, Child Psychiatry, Psychotherapy

Areas of Expertise:
. Neuropsychiatry
. Acquired Brain Injury
. Sleep Disorders
. Liaison Psychiatry
. General Psychiatry
. Addiction Psychiatry
. Rehabilitation Psychiatry
. Psychotherapy
. Child Psychiatry
. Learning Disabilities
. Old Age Psychiatry

Career History:
. Chief - PEOPLE TREE Mind Care - PEOPLE TREE Hospitals, Bangalore - Since June 2014
. Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Clinical Lead for Neuropsychiatry and Acquired Brain Injury Services - The Cambian Group, UK, since April 2013 - June 2014
. Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist - Feb 2013 to April 2013 - Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust, Sheffield, UK
. Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry (General Psychiatry - Community / Inpatient, Crisis Resolution / Home Treatment, Liaison / Neuropsychiatry/ Sleep Clinic) - April 2010 to Feb 2013 - Yorkshire and Humber NHS Deanery, UK
. Honorary lecturer - Sheffield and Hull Medical Schools - During Registrar Posts
. Specialty Doctor in Rehabilitation / Forensic Psychiatry - Aug 2007 - March 2010 - Cambian Group, UK
. Senior House Officer in Psychiatry (Adult, Old Age, Child Psychiatry) - Aug 2004 to Aug 2007 - Greater Manchester Psychiatry Rotational Training, UK
. Medical Officer - Bangalore Kidney Foundation - Feb 2003 - July 2003
. House Officer (Internship) - Bangalore Medical College Hospitals - Jan 2002 - Jan 2003

Achievements and Awards:
. Jnanasaraswathi Award - Jnanamandara Academy, 2006
. Best Psychiatrist Award - Cambian Group, UK - 2012

Research and Publications:
. Effectiveness of Naltrexone in Alcohol Relapse Prevention - A review Article - 2013
. Knowledge, Experience, Behaviour and Attitude of Staff towards Personality Disorder Patients - Semi-structured Survey - 2013
. Insight Scale - Objective Quantification and Visual Analogue Estimation - 2008
. Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder - Case Report - The Journal of Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry - 2007
. Sibling ADHD - Genes and Environmental Study - University of Cardiff - 2007
. Staff Attitude towards patients with Learning Disabilities - Survey - 2006
. 15 high quality clinical audits leading to service improvements

Professional Memberships:
Royal College of Psyhciatrists, Indian Psychiatric Society, General Medical Council (UK), Karnataka Medical Council

Well Being Initiative (PEOPLE TREE Foundation)

Hobbies and Interests :

Testimonials from Patients:
. Srinivas Kumar - Awesome experience. Felt really better. He was more like a family friend and had a holistic approach. His words and effective therapy approaches have made me take control of my anxiety even though it spawns sometimes.
Doctor is so cool and I myself as a post graduate in psychology, have learnt some coping techniques and strategies from him.
speaking with the doctor has helped me improve in both clinical as well as in academics.
. Sheikh Shams Azam - I have been to a lot of Doctors in the past and I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Satish really tries to help you. He listens to you. He doesn't get mad if I forgot to take my meds because I do forget sometimes. Also, once I did not have the full amount he charges and he just said Don't worry about it, just pay me the next time. So, the next appointment, I said Here's the money I owe you from the last time and Dr. Satish, just said, Don't worry, it was on me. My question is, Who ever does that? Gives away free visits to the Doctor if you can't make the payment? I think, in my opinion, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Satish really cares about you and he just doesn't try to make money on you like other Doctors. I have seen over the years for my mental problems. Also, I think Dr. Satish is nice and smart too. Really the best Doctor I have ever been to. For me, I will always stick with Dr. Satish because he is the best and he is also a very good person. Its hard to find such kind persons in life.
. First session went smoothly with a few easy to answer questions on background. Then the doctor thoroughly explained the roots of the problem and suggested treatment. I didn't experience any discomfort in being open and honest with the doctor, even with flaws concerning my own character. Will definitely be following up for more. I'm glad I found him.
. He is a very good doctor.Down to earth person. Listens to problems very patiently unlike other doctors . Gives appropriate treatment and suggests several non-medical methods that would help the patient. He talks as if he is one of the family member which increases the confidence in the patient, so that he can express his problems well and get right treatment.

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