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rs Shanthi (name changed) 35 years in her second pregnancy had a shock of her life when doctors told her she is carrying twins and one of them had portion of brain protuding outside the skull (occipital encephalocele). She was into her 17th week of pregnancy, with little hopes for both of them as they had additional complications in the form of single placenta and TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). Her only hope is to selectively stop the abnormal twin so that, the other grows normally. This was possible only at PEOPLE TREE Hospitals, which hosts the state of the art technology and world renowned fetal medicine expert team. Very few centres in the world are carrying out such rare intrauterine procedures. Under local anaesthesia, small key hole (2.5 mm) surgery performed under ultrasound guidance and umbilical cord of the abnormal twin was selectively stopped using diathermy. Mrs Shanthi coped very well, with the procedure and discharged the following day without any stitches! Mrs Shanthi had regular follow up and thrilled to know the normal twin growing appropriately and the abnormal twin gradually reduced in size. She went on to have a normal delivery of a healthy 2.5 kg male baby at 39 weeks. This was only possible because of the advanced intrauterine procedure (Selective bipolar cord coagulation).The whole family were extremely thrilled with a happy outcome and are so the PEOPLE TREE Fetal Medicine Team !!!!


I used to do monthly Hip & Knee Clinic in Kolkata and Guwahati 3 years ago, when I was with Global Hospitals Group. In one of these clinics apparently, I have seen this man, Mr Himadri Ghoshal, who had Hip and Back pain and had advised him, simple exercises for his problem and had told him he does not need any surgery. That's done 3 years back, I don't even remember meeting such a person!

Two weeks back Mr Himadri Ghoshal met with an accident and broke his forearm, and went to local doctors in Kolkata, who suggested surgery. The moment he heard surgery, he said "surgery hona hai to mujhe mera Bangalore doctor ke pas hi jana hai" (If surgery is required I want to go to my Bangalore Doctor only) Then he found the prescription slip which contained the name and asked his daughter to help him find the doctor, they called Global Hospitals in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai but in vain. They searched the internet for Dr C Chandrasekhar, but could not find. He thought he lost it! It was already 2 weeks since his fore arm broke, pain was unbearable. Suddenly, an idea flashed to him, he went running to his daughter and asked her to show all the images which matched 'Dr Chandrasekar' and asked her to enlarge each one! The moment he saw the Image which titled 'Dr Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa' he said "Yehi hai mera Doctor" (That's my Doctor)! Then it was only a question of booking tickets and landing up at PEOPLE TREE Hospitals!

In the Operation theatre, he was being woken up from anaesthesia, Er still was very drowsy- we were trying to see whether he was well awake and oriented, generally we ask questions like 'who are you?' Where are you?' etc, he was fumbling to answer all these questions and all that we heard him do was groan. "Himadriji mein Kaun Hun?"(Who am I?), I asked "Aap tho mere Bhagwan hall!" (You are my God)— Oh My God! How does human brain work? Are there people who still believe in 'Vaidyo Narayano Hari hi'? Or should I say "Dear God, we are still privileged to be mediating your touch!"


Dear Dr Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa,
I would like to thank you for the well conducted knee replacement surgery for my mother at the prestigious PEOPLE TREE Hospitals. We have visited many Hospitals, we never found such a good Hospital facility and caring for the people.

Sir, you have got a very high class culture, which touched our hearts. Also, you have got a dedicated good team, with you, who are ready to work and give service round the clock. Another surprise is that within a short period, this Hospital is well equipped and ready to give any kind of treatment, has become very popular and many people are coming for treatment and getting well soon. For the maintenance and cleaning, you have reached another mile stone it's very very hygenic. The Impact of all this is you are truly becoming "PEOPLE TREE".

A hospital that finally seems humane!!

...may be it's doctors that define a hospital, but whatever it is I'm extremely pleased with the paediatric team with a special mention to Dr. Chetan. Please continue this approach and make difference to our lives.
..Padma Hedge

We were introduced to PEOPLE TREE Hospitals by Dr.Udupa and were carried away by the modesty, humility and warmth of the doctors. We have met almost all doctors here, who are so humble and down to earth with their well supporting staff. We are happy to have treatment under such amazing doctors with bundle of patience, who answer patiently, in a language the layman can understand. "The King of delivering Good news" as I call him, Dr Adinarayana Makam, fetal medicine expert with state of art facility and Dr loth' S Neeraja, who "scolds like a father and loves you like a mother" so caring Er wants all her patients to be fine, were my doctors.

"PEOPLE TREE Hospital has the best of the doctors, who are specialists in their respective fields and this wonderful team has come together and united under one roof with a common goal — to serve the people, for the welfare of the people, with their rich experience. We sincerely and earnestly hope that the entire team here grows like PEEPAL TREE.
..Shashi Et Susan

Dear Dr. Supraja,
There are only a few people in this world who dedicate their lives for the betterment of others, doctors like yourself being one of them, We are very impressed with the professionalism of you and your team during the treatment for our daughter. We wish you and your team, the Best in the days to come
..Nutan Et Sudharshan

I take this opportunity to thank all the Doctors and nurses who attended & took care of me during my treatment which I underwent a few days ago in People Tree Hospitals. Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa made sure that I was as comfortable as possible because I was sceptical about hospitalisation but the 4days I was there I met some wonderful Doctors,the concern & kind words of Dr.Harsha, Dr.Prakash telling me to live in brightness, Dr.Ragavendra so sincerely apologising for not being able to conduct a procedure on me due to unavoidable circumstances & made me understand all the preparation that need to be done before the procedure,that was very kind of him.Dr.Sandeep made sure my lungs were clear ,dietitian Pavitra advised me on a diet suitable to my condition (as I have severe food allergy). Every aspect was taken care special thanks to nurses Rani & team & all the other young nurses too. I have no words to express,I seek the blessings of Almighty to shower His choicest grace on all at People Tree & I once again wholeheartedly thank Dr Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa & Dr.Supraja Chandrasekarfor their emmence love & care.
..Rathna Supriya Sridharan‎

I have seen so many doctors in various specialisation for a lot of people around me. But 2 doctors from People Tree have gone beyound professional boundaries to care for a patient not in their forte. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Mohan ICU Specialist and Dr Sandeep- Pulmonologist.

My mother was hospitalised in a small nursing home for a minor condition. Unexpectedly she collapsed nearing a respiratory arrest. We wanted to move her to People Tree, and i contacted Dr Supraja-my sons pediatrician for advise.

She put me on to Dr Mohan and Dr Sandeep, who immediately called the treating doctor to ascertain her condition.They advised that she should not be moved and gave the treating doctor advise on how to handle the emergency and course of treatment .

What was most touching was a visit by Dr Sandeep to personally see and monitor my mothers progress. JUST pure Goodwill.A selfless act by a doctor to see a patient not in his practising forte!

Today mum is on her road to recovery I thank all the 3 doctors from People Tree whose selfless act, valuable inputs have given me my mother back!

People Tree you rock....Dr Supraja Chandrasekar, Dr Sandeep and Dr Mohan...we need more superstars like you!!!
..Priya Balakumar‎

People Tree Hospitals has a wonderful team of dedicated doctors. My experience has been wonderful with Dr Supraja Chandrasekhar of Pediatrics Dept. She is not just a very experienced and expert doctor, she is a wonderful human being. My child care would not be complete if it's not with her support and guidance. You can count on her with your eyes closed. I am grateful for all the expert advice, the patient hearings and empathy that she has provided to me on all occasions!
..Arunima Sen

My experience with Dr. SUPRAJA has always been so pleasant. Dr. Supraja is very soft spoken doctor who has wonderful knowledge of children health. She never recommends any antibiotics and is always ready to listen to all my queries patiently. I am so happy that she is my son's pediatrician. Thanks a lot Dr. Supraja.
..Subashri Barman

this place is not a hospital for the name of it . it indeed stands for hospitality and care it's supposed to give. the best of doctors who have the patience to isten to the problem , right diagnosis an timely care provided by the team is the reason we in family enjoy the joy of our healthy Child. thank you for being one of the go to place for all the health troubles. Highly Recommended Gynecology and Feotal medicine team and Pediatrics...
..Simi Sarath R

Travelled from Swiss to get a treatment for gallbladder polyps. Excellent medical facilities covering all different categories. One place for all your medical needs I would say. Starting from registration to discharge it has been wonderful experience. Not to miss before discharge had quick lessons for breathing exercise from yoga teacher it's was cherry on a cake . Many thanks to Dr Murali , Dr Chandrashekar, Dr Varadaraj , all nursing staff and supporting staff. Hotel is very hygiene and my room was at least cleaned 5 times a day. Had my regular meals from hospital canteen which also maintained good hygiene and appropriate food for all patients.Visiting from Swiss and getting such a wonderful treatment was nothing but a dream to me at least . Keep up the excellent commitment to medical industry People Tree Team ..may you win more hearts day by day .. All the best and hoping to see your beaches soon in different part of Bangalore ....
..Siddesh Onkari

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