PEOPLE TREE is not just another super speciality hospital. Our origins lie in a noble cause, of ‘touching a billion lives’. We envision an India that is disease and disability free and relentlessly strive towards achieving the goal. Our growth – five hospitals in three years – entitles us to believe that we are on the right direction and our patients and their families have immense faith in us. For us, living up to the expectations of our patients is a surefire way to achieve our goal. Obviously, when you look forward to join us at PEOPLE TREE, we request you to take a good hard look at yourself and find out whether you share our traits or not. If you think that we are on the same page, welcome to the PEOPLE TREE fold.

Working at PEOPLE TREE is all about making a difference. Each day you’ll get a chance to ‘touch, move, and inspire lives’. Each day you’ll learn to provide the highest quality patient care by prioritising your patient’s needs above everything else. Discover professionalism, mutual respect and an unparalleled culture of team work. Join PEOPLE TREE and find out what really is an immensely rewarding and life-changing career.

Mutual Respect

Are you on the forefront of patient care? Or are you that invisible force that makes sure everything falls in place all the time? At PEOPLE TREE, we immensely value your efforts irrespective of your designation. We make sure that mutual respect - between caregivers and patients and colleagues - is maintained throughout. We understand the importance of recognising and valuing your efforts.


As a healthcare professional, you have an extremely demanding job in your hand. And hence, you shouldn’t be worrying about ‘money matters’. At PEOPLE TREE, we provide excellent monitory rewards that will help you meet your financial goals and secure your future. In addition to these, we also offer an array of benefits for our employees.

Career Growth

We have a wide range of activities. If you have the passion to build an outstanding career and learn new things, PEOPLE TREE is the place to be. We conduct regular r training and educational programmes and help you broaden your interests and skills.

Culture and People

Trust between patients and doctors has been an integral part of healthcare. But somewhere during the journey, the trust factor suffered dents owing to various reasons. At PEOPLE TREE, ours is a culture which is rooted in trust. We constantly try to regains the trust between patients and doctors.


In healthcare, teamwork is of preeminence. At PEOPLE TREE, we understand the importance of teamwork and put a lot of emphasis on it. We encourage healthy debates and allow the freedom to disagree. Your opinions are highly valued as you work along with your colleagues towards obtaining the best outcome for patients.


We at PEOPLE TREE believe that empowerment is the best way to instill confidence. And confidence always leads to better outcomes. We make sure that across sections and categories, irrespective of position or designation, we empower our people so that they can provide the best of care for the patients in turn.

Challenging Work

Work that doesn’t excite you is dull work. And dull work causes you to lose interest in what you do. At PEOPLE TREE, there is not going to be a dull moment. It’s a place where livewires meet livewires and discuss how they can make exciting work more exciting. If you love challenges, it may be helpful to know that we have tons of them to dole out.


At PEOPLE TREE, you’ll never find a dearth of resources. As a rapidly evolving field, medical science demands that you always keep updated about the latest developments. We’ll offer you resources, support, state-of-the-art facilities and technologies that will help you perform the way you want to. Moreover, the erudite senior colleagues will always guide and encourage you towards a fulfilling career.

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