Greetings from PEOPLE TREE Hospitals!

India is unique in both its infinite resources and yet infinite need. The healthcare segment is a striking example of this paradox. We have more than 1.2 billion people who need quality healthcare. Although we produce the largest number of doctors in the world, we also have the largest number of them who leave the country for good. The growing mutual mistrust amongst patients and doctors makes this situation even more grim.

Four years ago, I spoke to my friends from across the world about the urgent need to bring ‘patient focussed’ healthcare back to centre stage, and they all agreed in unison. But the question was how? How do we regain people’s trust? How do we reclaim the nobleness of the medical profession? How do we re-live “Vaidyo Narayano Hari”?

PEOPLE TREE Hospitals, the dream initiative of this group of highly qualified and experienced doctors, having been trained in some of the best hospitals across the world, today is a reality. Here we believe that quality care should become every citizen‘s birth right. We are on a mission to provide each and every one who enters our hospital, the same quality of care that we would want for ourselves, our children, our parents, family and friends. We hope to transform healthcare in the country through innovation, compassion and unparalleled service. And all this, by just putting People First.

At PEOPLE TREE Hospitals, all our patients will recieve ethical, safe, compassionate and evidence-based medical care. In addition we promise to maintain complete cost transparency and information transparency regarding their health condition.We hope this will help us regain PEOPLE'S Trust.

We have set our vision to touch, move and inspire a billion people. It would be impossible to achieve this unless we make healthcare accessible and affordable to one and all.To sustain this audacious vision we created PEOPLE TREE Foundation; the charitable wing of PEOPLE TREE hospitals. Foundation will work towards providing quality healthcare free of cost to poor & needy patients. The Foundation will also encourage prevention of injuries & diseases by providing Education, in particular Health Education to People. Research and innovation are the other two pillars of foundation designed to explore low cost but high quality healthcare solutions.

We are thankful to all the PEOPLE who made this plausibly impossible task, possible. I want to let you know that at PEOPLE TREE, we are privileged to serve you. With everyone’s support PEOPLE TREE will grow and become truly The Hospital for Everyone!

Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa
MS, DNB{Ortho}, ROC Fellow {HSS, NY}
CEO & Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon


Often, and quite wonderfully, the origin of an initiative that would change millions of lives can be explained in the simplest of terms. ‘Make quality healthcare the birthright of every citizen’, for instance, was the thought that resulted in the emergence of PEOPLE TREE Hospitals. Today, the multi super specialty hospital, the brainchild of a bunch of internationally trained doctors, serves patients from all walks of life. At PEOPLE TREE Hospitals, the emphasis is as much as on concern and compassion as it is on world-class care. Naturally, each patient who enters the portals of PEOPLE TREE goes back to life with renewed enthusiasm and fond memories to cherish.

As a fast growing sector, healthcare has seen innumerable advancements over the years that give it a definitive edge. However, parallel to this inspiring streak runs a bleak reality - the erosion of trust between patients and doctors. At PEOPLE TREE Hospitals, we strive to regain patients’ trust as well as the glory of medical profession by bringing transparency in all facets of healthcare; cost, quality and information. We have developed a two-pronged approach to attain this:
1) Make the patient the focal point of everything we do.
2) Empower our doctors and nurses to take ownership and go that extra mile for our patients.

As we have already stated, PEOPLE TREE Hospitals owes its existence to our vision of making quality healthcare the birthright of every citizen. It is with this aim we opened our new facility, Raghavendra PEOPLE TREE Hospitals in Dasarahalli. Covering Peenya, one of the well known industrial areas in the country, along with its surrounding areas of Dasarahalli and Jalahalli, Raghavendra PEOPLE TREE Hospitals is the first multi super specialty hospital in the entire area.


To provide each and everyone a quality of care we would want for ourselves, our children, parents, family and friends.


To Touch, Move and Inspire a billion people.